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Senior Citizen Drivers Education and Evaluations (State License # DT 676). Dignity, self respect and autonomy, for most people go together with driving an automobile. But increasingly most people believe that most older driver’s are an unnecessary risk on our roadways. Studies have shown that some of the skills that are necessary for safe driving deteriorate with age. Consequently, there is a growing concern regarding the safety of our senior drivers. Statistics show that senior drivers are much more likely than middle age drivers to be in a two vehicle collision. In fact, for drivers over 70 the proportion involved in collisions is comparable to that of a 16-25 year old.

At Georgia Driving School we offer a two hour evaluation of your loved ones skills with a professional driving instructor. We will send a written report to a doctor or insurance company. A copy will also be sent to an adult child.

Cost of the 2 hour evaluation is $150.00. Please call to schedule an appointment. Male or female instructors are available.

Why should I take this class?
Peace of mind for and adult child that has concerns of their loved ones driving ability
Some insurance companies require a written evaluation at a certain age
Defensive Driving techniques that are suggested during the evaluation can make a big positive difference for seniors
Evaluation of loss of cordination or motor skills after a tramatic illness such a stroke or heart attack before driving again

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